Bit of an Intro

This being my virgin entry and all…

Having just begun sending poems out for publication, I have discovered that a good half of my stuff is ineligible for most places as it was written in response to a blog prompt and then posted on said blog. Sooo….I figured I can start posting it here so everyone can taste the flava of my brews and concoctions. Like maybe I’ll post things that correspond to my mood of the day. Anyway, it’s a start. So, without further ado:

Always, Almost

There once was a

peace of happiness,

piece of happiness,

when innocence was lingering.

The happiness of how

and when to laugh,

and the innocence

of not knowing why.

But sometimes, the

innocent catches

the glance between,

and then laughter is insecure.

Eventually the curiosity

of that glance

overcomes the innocence—

which now has lingered

long enough—and

happiness is broken.

The pieces can be mended,

but the cracks are always there…

a shadow of the innocence,

whose halo slipped

(whose hallowed self) slipped

ever so slightly.


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